Definition of rapid-fire in English:



  • 1attributive (especially of something said in dialogue or done in a sequence) unhesitating and rapid.

    ‘a rapid-fire exchange of questions and answers’
    • ‘Civilization is not as complex a notion as it used to be, now that image consultants can condense its elements into rapid-fire graphics and sound bites.’
    • ‘This rapid-fire speaker made the art of asking questions entertaining, engaging, and eminently interactive.’
    • ‘Not holding back, he follows up with a series of rapid-fire technical questions about the interior lighting.’
    • ‘While this isn't groundbreaking stuff, the thrill is in the rapid-fire dialogue and the clear articulation of the debate.’
    • ‘There is much rapid-fire discussion in Sherpa.’
    • ‘The popular game show features eight contestants teaming together for seven rounds to answer rapid-fire questions.’
    • ‘Basically, we get four of the funniest, fastest cartoonists in the business and with the help of the audience, I throw challenges at them which they have to meet with rapid-fire sketching.’
    • ‘Boys learn better when teachers challenge them to answer rapid-fire questions and address them by their last names.’
    • ‘There is a rapid-fire flow of dialog, as the patient's vital signs are shouted out and other key information is communicated.’
    • ‘It should further insist that funds calculate transaction costs so investors can see whether managers are engaging in rapid-fire trading despite pledges to ‘buy and hold.’’
    • ‘The rapid-fire dialogue of the play is matched only by the last-minute antics in and out of the sound booth.’
    • ‘Instead he has the characters constantly moving between the various rooms, while spouting rapid-fire dialogue.’
    • ‘An industry group ran a massive ad campaign touting the new technology with a rapid-fire montage of children and farms against a backdrop of swelling music.’
    • ‘These are high-octane performances and the two actors work seamlessly together, particularly impressive in the rapid-fire exchanges.’
    • ‘The real test for them came during the rapid-fire question round where they had to answer 10 questions, covering different areas, in just one minute.’
    • ‘Aside from the story's uncanny bearing on current events, Brunner's style is an eclectic, rapid-fire barrage both stimulating and provocative.’
    • ‘On Friday, a rapid-fire sequence of events took place.’
    • ‘And the rapid-fire questions were what surprised me.’
    • ‘I am beginning to feel slightly flustered by the rapid-fire questions.’
    • ‘She paused for a moment, as if gathering her breath for another onslaught of rapid-fire questions.’
    1. 1.1 (of a gun) able to fire shots in rapid succession.
      • ‘At last, they leveled off in mid-air and began firing their 55 mm rapid-fire cannons liberally all around the perimeter of the courtyard.’
      • ‘They have maintained that those recruits with multiple gunshot wounds were using rapid-fire rifles.’
      • ‘He has received substantial funding from the US and Australian defence establishments to develop his rapid-fire gun.’
      • ‘They only had these rapid-fire cannons as weapons.’
      • ‘It can be a very cheap, rapid-fire gun that does just a little damage, or it can be charged up to deal a lot of hurt, but at a significant energy cost.’
      • ‘In 1862 he patented his first rapid-fire machine gun, which had six rotating barrels and was cranked by hand.’
      • ‘An increasing number of Americans want restrictions on who can buy or carry guns, especially rapid-fire weapons, because of mass shootings and because violent crime has dropped.’
      • ‘The fact that it was rimmed with rapid-fire guns didn't make the sight particularly funny though.’
      • ‘While we don't yet know what weapon was used in this tragedy, we do know that rapid-fire assault weapons are designed for this type of terrible assault.’
      • ‘Unlike most other zombie novels, rapid-fire guns and over the top explosions aren't the best ways to deal with this problem.’
      • ‘Tutt opened fire first with his weapon, a revolver, the most common rapid-fire weapon of the period.’
      • ‘Mounted above the missile bays were rapid-fire laser cannons that Mark had added himself, as well as the plasma cannons on the wingtips.’



/ˈrapəd ˈˌfī(ə)r//ˈræpəd ˈˌfaɪ(ə)r/