Definition of rapeseed oil in US English:

rapeseed oil

(also rape oil)


  • An oil obtained from rapeseed, used as a lubricant, in alternative fuels, and in foodstuffs.

    • ‘Linseed, rapeseed oil, walnuts, soya oil, and leafy greens are also good sources of Omega 3, although not quite as beneficial as fish.’
    • ‘There are plans to produce and sell biodiesel, an environmentally friendly motor fuel made from rapeseed oil and vegetable fats.’
    • ‘The EU could import around 200,000 tonnes of rape oil in 2005-06, with most supplies coming from Canada.’
    • ‘Vegetable fats and oils with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids (e.g. olive oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, corn oil or wheat germ oil) are to be preferred.’
    • ‘Cork City Council has converted 17 of their vehicles to run on rapeseed oil, under the EU CIVITAS programme.’
    • ‘The original rapeseed oil, used as both a lubricant and an edible oil, was harmful when ingested because of high levels of a chemical called erucic acid.’
    • ‘He has an efficient arable operation and from it he is producing a branded rapeseed oil which he bottles and sells to retailers.’
    • ‘He imports sugar, salt and rapeseed oil from southern Sweden and everything else is sourced, grown or otherwise produced in the surrounding area.’
    • ‘The large US and Brazilian ethanol programs are based on corn and sugar cane respectively, the EU's biodiesel fuels on rapeseed oil.’
    • ‘European biodiesel production is currently dominated by palm, soya and rapeseed oil.’
    • ‘A school bus operator in South Yorkshire has cut carbon dioxide output by using a new fuel made from a blend of rapeseed oil and ordinary diesel.’


rapeseed oil

/ˌrāpˌsēd ˈoil/