Definition of rapacity in English:



  • Aggressive greed.

    ‘the rapacity of landowners seeking greater profit from their property’
    • ‘While some have embraced democratic principles, others continue to rule through rapacity, despotism, and corruption.’
    • ‘This puts a limit on the rapacity of a patent holder.’
    • ‘It is not an effective instrument for protecting our people from the greed and rapacity of outsiders.’
    • ‘No situation, however obscure, or however sacred, escaped the rapacity of the enemy.’
    • ‘It's precisely that rapacity, that appetite, that makes them who they are, that allows them to recognize themselves.’
    greed, avarice, rapaciousness, acquisitiveness, covetousness, materialism, predatoriness, voracity, voraciousness, graspingness, mercenariness, usury, extortion
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