Definition of rancid in English:



  • (of foods containing fat or oil) smelling or tasting unpleasant as a result of being old and stale.

    • ‘As soon as they stepped in, a rancid smell filled the air.’
    • ‘When I returned I was laying in bed and couldn't sleep because of this rancid smell consuming the house.’
    • ‘Moreover, irradiation can destroy essential vitamins and nutrients that are naturally present in foods and can make food taste and smell rancid.’
    • ‘He does not look like a man who enjoys the smell of onions sautéed in rancid oil first thing in the morning.’
    • ‘Rhodes was trying not to think of another day of rancid food, polluted water and waiting for buses that never came.’
    • ‘What plant may cure Alzheimer's disease, increase circulation, tastes like almonds and smells like rancid butter?’
    • ‘When exposed to air for extended periods of time, fats become rancid and develop an unpleasant taste and odor.’
    • ‘In order to maximize profits from their government contracts, food suppliers delivered partial shipments and rancid provisions.’
    • ‘Butyric acid is responsible not only for the smell of rancid butter, but also contributes to the odor of sweat.’
    • ‘A rancid smell escaped from the now open doorway.’
    • ‘What if the food is rancid and you're still stuck with a full plate?’
    • ‘The French fries were often undercooked, fruits and vegetables rotten, breads molding, and once or twice, the meat rancid.’
    • ‘Unwholesome odors rolled out of the storefronts: rancid oil and mouldy cheese, and fish long absent from the sea.’
    • ‘If you don't know what it's supposed to smell like, it might smell a little like rancid butter.’
    • ‘Heat-treated oils go rancid - in other words, they spoil - and rancid oils are carcinogenic.’
    • ‘He lifts it down and removes several pieces of the rancid, dried meat stored in it.’
    • ‘Also, vegetable oils normally turn rancid when exposed to air and heat.’
    • ‘It was definitely not very much fun and there was that rancid smell.’
    • ‘The group charges that irradiation also deactivates the natural digestive enzymes found in raw food, and encourages fats to turn rancid.’
    • ‘That is just as well, since it often induced an unpleasantly rancid truffle aroma and taste.’
    sour, stale, turned, rank, putrid, foul, rotten, bad, off, old, tainted
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Early 17th century: from Latin rancidus ‘stinking’.