Definition of rancher in US English:



  • 1A person who owns or runs a ranch.

    • ‘Private armies have flourished with the support of cattle ranchers, large-scale farmers, and investors.’
    • ‘A growing segment of people are concerned about food quality and want to keep local ranchers and farmers in business, Antonio argues.’
    • ‘After all, if they do well, farmers, ranchers and consumers will do well, right?’
    • ‘But consumer groups, allied with many U.S. ranchers and cattlemen, want the labeling to begin on schedule.’
    • ‘Like you, I struggle to fathom what this will mean for farmers, ranchers, and rural America.’
    • ‘The coalition, made up of area ranchers and farmers, may file an appeal of the decision.’
    • ‘Certified-organic crop farmers, livestock producers, ranchers, and handlers all qualify.’
    • ‘As a cash crop, cattle encouraged ranchers to practise ruthless predator control, killing bears, bobcats and mountain lions.’
    • ‘What worries me is the lack of concern regarding this trend among farmers and ranchers.’
    • ‘He says Florida cattle ranchers were aided by recent severe winters and drought.’
    • ‘Both models empower ranchers, because they complement and augment the rancher's own storehouse of knowledge and experience.’
    • ‘The livestock industry argues that ranchers have a right to graze on any land near their water rights, even if they do not own the land.’
    • ‘Some nomads were settled as farmers, ranchers, or fishermen.’
    • ‘This will permit breeding cattle that ranchers will know are more likely to produce consistently tender offspring.’
    • ‘Farmers and ranchers also need to be aware of recent changes in federal tax code, said Barrett.’
    • ‘Previously, ranchers and farmers were allowed to request that portions of their agricultural lease be put up for public auction.’
    • ‘Farmers and ranchers can even turn to the Internet for products and services.’
    • ‘Within its boundaries live over a hundred human residents, many of whom are farmers or cattle ranchers.’
    • ‘The cattle farmers and ranchers appealed to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.’
    • ‘Due to its low value for livestock forage, it is a concern to livestock producers and ranchers.’
  • 2North American A ranch house.

    • ‘The little ramshackle cottage was built on a gentle incline, wedged between a two-story condo on the left and a rancher with a big front lawn on the right.’
    • ‘Our house is a rancher so I could talk to him without shouting down like Juliet to her Romeo.’