Definition of rambunctiousness in US English:



North American
  • See rambunctious

    • ‘This is truly one of the most charming humorous piano works ever written, and Jandó turns in a spirited performance that misses none of the work's zany rambunctiousness, and none of its rich colors.’
    • ‘He's combined the influence of rural rambunctiousness with big-city musicianship and devised a contemporary rendering of old-fashioned country tunes.’
    • ‘The controlled chaos of opener ‘We Are Rolling’ sets a tone of harsh, buzzing rambunctiousness, taken down a few notches for some eerie groovers here and there.’
    • ‘I've adjusted; I can deal with his rambunctiousness.’
    • ‘He flirted with her while the lioness reduced his rambunctiousness to docility.’