Definition of Ramapithecus in US English:



  • An extinct anthropoid ape of the Miocene epoch, known from remains found in southwestern Asia and East Africa, and probably ancestral to the orangutan.

    Genus Ramapithecus, family Pongidae

    • ‘They were called Ramapithecus and they might have been an ancestor of humans.’
    • ‘I've wondered about that too, because in 1977 the British Museum published data indicating over 4,000 relevant fossil discoveries, including the australopithecines, Ramapithecus, and so on.’
    • ‘No-one in the field any longer believes that Ramapithecus was our ancestor.’
    • ‘Compared to its Miocene pongid contemporaries, Ramapithecus exhibits distinct anterior tooth reduction both in its incisor and canine dimensions.’
    • ‘In the history of the mammals the Miocene is important for the diversification of the primates and the emergence of the early hominid Ramapithecus later.’


Modern Latin, from Rama + Greek pithēkos ‘ape’.