Definition of rajas in US English:



  • (in Vedanta) the element or mode of prakriti associated with passion, energy, and movement.

    • ‘Reducing the negative aspects of rajas and tamas gunas may require some discipline and effort at first, but the peace of mind, health, strength and immunity that are obtained from increasing sattva make it worthwhile.’
    • ‘Those in which rajas or tamas predominate make it hard to achieve the mental tranquillity necessary to worship effectively or achieve enlightenment.’
    • ‘They are influenced by food, herbs and various lifestyle factors and are sattva, a state of peaceful equilibrium, rajas, a state of outgoing, aggressive action and tamas, a state of inertia or dullness.’
    • ‘We are conditioned more by the lower gunas of rajas and tamas whereas they are conditioned by the higher quality of sattva guna (goodness).’