Definition of raiser in US English:



  • 1A thing that increases the amount, level, or strength of something.

    ‘the visit had been a morale raiser for his crew’
    • ‘When first introduced in 1712 the tax was primarily intended as a revenue raiser.’
    • ‘The campaign has been a big money raiser for them.’
    • ‘This is a great ab toner and heart-rate raiser.’
    • ‘The visit had been a morale raiser for his crew and a profile raiser for the Navy.’
    • ‘Your pre-exercise routine should always include mobility drills, a pulse raiser, and flexibility exercises.’
    • ‘The bill includes $72 billion in revenue raisers.’
    • ‘Other temperature raisers include the vocals on "Not Even Stevie Nicks".’
    • ‘With student to teacher ratios being far too high, it's a real stress raiser.’
  • 2A person who breeds or grows animals or plants.

    ‘my parents are simple cattle raisers’
    • ‘Many other animal raisers have their form of identification already in place.’
    • ‘Government subsidies sustain corn growers and livestock raisers.’
    • ‘These developments warrant further testing and monitoring to help inform health officials and poultry raisers about possible migration of the virus.’
    • ‘Foot-and-mouth disease is not just a menace to livestock raisers, but also to the abattoirs and food retailers.’
    • ‘Some rabbit raisers I know swap some rabbit for other kinds of meat.’
    • ‘She is an experienced bird raiser.’
    • ‘The formation of the association is seen as ordinary farmers and stock raisers banding together in time of need.’
    • ‘An epidemic of tick fever forced cattle raisers to seek public assistance in eradicating the disease.’
    • ‘The company is known as a small, high-quality raiser of ducks.’
    • ‘The Mikuole Festival is essentially a fair of the livestock raisers.’
    • ‘The company invested in the corporate hog raiser.’
    • ‘For centuries, a majority of men have worked as farmers and cattle raisers.’
    • ‘As an animal raiser you will be required to register your premises.’
    • ‘These Scotch-Irish were cattle and swine raisers and drovers.’
    • ‘Camel raisers depended on foods produced by farmers in the region's oases.’
  • 3Something which lifts or moves an object to a higher position or level.

    ‘an adjustable toilet seat raiser’
    • ‘Classic volkswagen beetle engine deck boot lid raiser for sale.’
    • ‘In the original device, the wick was manipulated by a screw-type wick raiser.’
    • ‘The mattress raiser is an electrically operated mattress elevator.’
    • ‘The invention is a raiser for skidpan practice with motorcycle.’
    • ‘The seat raiser is inserted under an existing seat cushion to raise the seat's effective height by 100mm.’
  • 4(in poker or brag) a person who bets a specified amount more than another player.

    ‘the original raiser hesitated and checked’
    • ‘The original raiser called.’
    • ‘You can almost hear the pre-flop raiser's brain say: " Uh-oh ".’
    • ‘The big raiser bet - we all called.’
    • ‘The original raiser hesitated and checked.’
    • ‘The raiser probably had a higher pair.’
    • ‘The raiser has already expressed the strength of her hand with some confidence.’
    • ‘The first raiser bet.’
    • ‘It's very difficult to play against a tough or tricky player in the big blind (assuming the raiser doesn't flop a no-brainer hand) who could be playing a very wide variety of cards.’
    • ‘The cards showed: kings over 10s for the original raiser, and aces over 10s for the reraiser.’
    1. 4.1Bridge A person who makes a higher bid in the same suit as that bid by their partner.
      ‘raising from two to three is permissible without normal support provided the raiser has other strength’