Definition of raised in US English:



  • 1Elevated to a higher position or level; lifted.

    ‘they ate on a raised platform at one end of the hall’
    • ‘We also found drainage manhole covers raised to drain off the waters.’
    • ‘I don't grow in rows, but in raised beds.’
    • ‘To the right, the drawing room is a spacious area with a raised fireplace with brass inset and white marble hearth.’
    • ‘Sills at nine locks are still to be lowered and seventeen bridges and guard gates must yet be raised to the twenty-foot level.’
    • ‘The noses are riveted to a raised area, carefully indented to the front along a vertical midline.’
    • ‘A mound, or motte, was raised up to one hundred feet in height.’
    • ‘This will create age structure in the heather, improve habitat for grouse and allow us to see if there are any drainage channels taking water away from the raised mire.’
    • ‘The flooring is Canadian beech and this is teamed with a raised fireplace, ceiling coving and a pale yellow colour scheme.’
    1. 1.1 Embossed; in relief.
      ‘the building features raised lettering’
      embossed, relief, relievo, cameo, die-stamped, thermographed, ribbed
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    2. 1.2 (of bread or pastry) made with a raising agent such as yeast.
      ‘raised doughnuts’
  • 2More intense or strong than usual; higher.

    ‘a neighbor heard raised voices from the women's apartment’
    ‘as we age we are more likely to have raised blood pressure’
    • ‘Archie looked back to the crewmen who were now looking their way, attracted by their raised voices.’
    • ‘Yet, voices continue to be raised in opposition.’
    • ‘The temperature was raised using a linear heating rate of 1.0°C / min.’
    • ‘The growth chamber temperature was gradually raised from 24 °C to 39 °C over a period of 2 weeks.’