Definition of raise one's voice in US English:

raise one's voice


  • 1Speak more loudly.

    • ‘Sometimes people wonder why a preacher speaks with intensity and raises his voice.’
    • ‘Ever since he came to Swansea I never heard him raise his voice in anger or speak ill of anyone.’
    • ‘I never got hostile toward her, and I never even thought of raising my voice when I was speaking with her.’
    • ‘I was imperturbable at work, never losing my patience or raising my voice.’
    • ‘I know it's no excuse for raising my voice, but I needed to get him to stop immediately, so scaring him with a loud voice certainly accomplished that.’
    • ‘He began to raise his voice a bit, turning his attention to the members of the Council.’
    • ‘The victim went to the room occupied by the offender and an argument began, in the course of which the offender raised his voice and threats were exchanged.’
    • ‘I'm sick of saying ‘No’, sick of raising my voice, sick of losing my temper, or throwing time-outs at him when he doesn't listen.’
    • ‘To start with, I was probably a little out of line raising my voice.’
    • ‘He spoke slowly, clearly, and deliberately, and avoided raising his voice, even during lectures.’
    1. 1.1 Begin to speak or sing.
      • ‘As he had done, fruitlessly, so many times before, he raised his voice in the chill air to sing a melody which he and Richard - no mean musician himself - had composed together.’