Definition of raise hell in US English:

raise hell


  • 1Make a noisy disturbance.

    • ‘I hear that there are now kids coming to the party meetings and raising hell.’
    • ‘It's not all that quiet, but it's nice, if you don't mind the drunks raising hell and throwing up on your doorstep.’
    • ‘He wasn't even too keen on their socialist agenda, but he joined them because they let him do what he enjoyed best - raising hell.’
    • ‘But you get the drift, it was party time and the Haywood hellraisers were raising hell.’
    • ‘The shop owner was later to testify that Bill was drunk and crazy - that we raised hell and stayed there a long time, making sure we were remembered.’
    • ‘He spent his nights drinking, gambling, womanising, playing jazz and generally raising hell in dance halls and pubs.’
    • ‘Those three were raising hell on the coast here before you were born and they don't seem to be slowing down any as they get older.’
    • ‘People would come from the suburbs into Old Strathcona to party and raise hell.’
    • ‘On another similar occasion they rode their bikes, all seven of them, into the Big Yard of St Mary's College hooting and tooting, waving their blue and blue ensigns, raising hell, so to speak, until they were chased out.’
    • ‘It was really just an excuse for the teachers to drink coffee and complain about the morning so far, while the students raised hell across school.’
    cause a disturbance, cause a commotion, be loud and noisy, run riot, run wild, behave wildly, go on the rampage, get out of control
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    1. 1.1 Complain vociferously.
      ‘he raised hell with real estate developers and polluters’
      • ‘So, now I must go make phone calls and raise hell.’
      • ‘In practice, it does not look as if any party is inclined to raise hell.’
      • ‘I don't understand why the railway company doesn't raise hell about this.’
      • ‘There's not necessarily anything wrong with raising hell about the other party.’
      • ‘Conservative students are rightly raising hell over his rallies on campuses nationwide - which are being subsidized in many cases with student fees and taxpayer funds.’
      • ‘I know for political reasons they want to sort of raise hell and show that they're out there fighting for American workers.’
      • ‘We have a history of being cantankerous - shouting objections, raising hell and generally making life miserable for those in power.’
      • ‘Once they agree to 90 percent of what you want, it's very difficult for you to continue to raise hell.’
      • ‘The Democrats have even started raising hell about the problems.’
      • ‘Aussies raise hell when they feel the umpire has given a bad decision.’
      remonstrate, expostulate, be very angry, be furious, be enraged, argue, protest loudly to, object noisily to, complain vociferously to
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