Definition of rainstick in US English:


(also rain stick)


  • A percussion instrument made from a dried cactus branch that is hollowed out, filled with small pebbles, and capped at both ends. When slightly tilted, it makes the sound of falling rain.

    • ‘The children were able to dip into various craft activities, such as making didgeridoos, rain sticks, dream catchers and drums.’
    • ‘Since then, Hoffman has mastered the acoustic guitar, bass, violin, piano, keyboards, djembe, rain stick and a voice that sends tingles up the spine of anyone hearing it.’
    • ‘Even in the most ambient moments, it is Lockett's presence that is felt the most as he adds delicate textural chimes or rain sticks just beneath the surface of Rimbaud's engaging swathes.’
    • ‘The children experienced playing such instruments such as chimes, gong drums, rain stick, percussion of all description, bass guitars and bodrhán etc.’
    • ‘Back on the original path, this album is a feast of rain stick, electronics, cymbal reverb, soft percussion and backwards dissolves.’