Definition of rainproof in US English:



  • (especially of a building or garment) impervious to rain.

    ‘a rainproof coat’
    • ‘Tomoko strode happily and grinned as she walked up to her bike, covered with an old withered rainproof blanket.’
    • ‘Always travel with stout boots, rainproof clothing, spare clothes, a first aid kid, torch, map, compass, food and drink.’
    • ‘There are rainproof bags for stormy days, sturdy totes for the beach, delicate fabrics for evening, and squashy shoulder bags for casual wear.’
    • ‘A warm, rainproof jacket and sturdy, comfortable walking shoes are a must.’
    • ‘Sensible shoes and rainproof clothing are recommended, but we were lucky enough to have all fine weather.’
    • ‘The State Government refused even to construct rainproof shelters in the camps and starved them of food supplies.’
    • ‘Be sure to wear suitable rainproof clothing.’
    • ‘This is nasty rain, where an umbrella or full on rainproof outerwear is required, and the first 8 inches of your pant legs will get wet.’
    • ‘This guy would be good in a crisis, the kind of mate who could fashion a rainproof shelter and a meal for four from nothing but roadkill and a ball of twine.’
    • ‘Be sure to bring enough food and water to sustain oneself and wear suitable rainproof clothing.’
    • ‘The person was tall, with a dark rainproof coat, carrying something heavy in his hands.’
    • ‘Girls are asked to bring a rainproof jacket to wear, secure footwear and a bottle of water.’
    • ‘Participants are advised to wear warm comfortable rainproof clothing and suitable footwear.’
    • ‘This rainproof, light and durable jacket offers the golfer plenty of movement so your golf swing won't be impeded.’
    • ‘Thirteen years later, in 1989, she had a rainproof house, her two children were in school and she had diverse income streams, both constant and seasonal - bamboo weaving, livestock, vegetable gardening.’
    • ‘Seedlings of the four species were placed in field cages, the roofs of which were rainproof and shaded.’
    • ‘Those participating should wear suitable rainproof clothing and footwear.’
    • ‘Wind and rainproof clothing is essential at all times.’
    • ‘The first half flew by in a flash and at the interval cars, vans and almost anything that was roadworthy and rainproof brought some fans from one viewing point to another.’
    • ‘The sheets of silk are also rainproof, which is very handy when there are tropical downpours.’
    resistant, impenetrable, impervious, repellent
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