Definition of rainout in US English:



North American
  • A cancellation or premature ending of an event because of rain.

    • ‘Barring rainouts or other glitches, the top three starters will make 13 starts each over the rest of the season.’
    • ‘If there's a rainout, other pitchers skip their turn to allow the ace to start on his regular fifth day.’
    • ‘They were 3-9 on the season and their play got more lackluster as the season grew on and rainouts outnumbered actual played games.’
    • ‘Chicago's weather has been wet and cold, and there were three rainouts.’
    • ‘What if there had been a rainout on Saturday, and poor old ABC had been forced to show highlights from the previous year's tournament?’
    • ‘To make up for a rainout in June, they played at Shea Stadium in the afternoon, then at Yankee Stadium the same night.’
    • ‘I think that they wouldn't mind a rainout, although the weather people tell us that that might not be the case now.’
    • ‘At this point the Yanks could be forgiven if they had hopes for a rainout.’
    • ‘Competitors endured rainouts of three events, and moisture affected two other races.’
    • ‘Each pitcher has a set throwing schedule, and a rainout kills that.’
    • ‘It was only the second rainout of the year, but Geoff Parker and Eddie Martin still arrived hoping for a clearing of the skies, but they had to settle for a morning of tea.’
    • ‘It was the only game played that day due to rainouts elsewhere.’
    • ‘Before an eventual rainout in Boston, Roberts joked: ‘I've had calls from several players from other teams, saying they are tired of seeing my face.’’
    • ‘This means fewer rainouts because pitches are covered and grounds drained better.’
    • ‘Fog on Friday followed by a Saturday rainout meant the event would have to be run in its entirety during a 10-hour window of opportunity Sunday.’
    • ‘Thanks to early-season rainouts, five games must be made up.’
    • ‘The first NBA rainout occurred at the Seattle Center Coliseum on January 5, 1986.’
    • ‘Because of rainouts earlier in the year, they play three doubleheaders in six days, with single games on Sunday and Tuesday.’
    • ‘In the event of a rainout where no winner is crowned, the bounty at the next event will be placed on the points leader entering that event.’
    • ‘A rainout means Cleveland will have to play a makeup against Chicago the day after the season ends.’