Definition of rain shadow in US English:

rain shadow


  • A region having little rainfall because it is sheltered from prevailing rain-bearing winds by a range of hills.

    • ‘The natural implication is that Baltica was receiving all the rain from the soggy Trade Winds blowing inshore from the Old Tethys Sea, while most of Laurentia was in the rain shadow of the Acadian Range.’
    • ‘The orographie impact of the Andean Cordillera can be seen clearly, enhancing rainfall on the east slope and forming a rain shadow on the west slope.’
    • ‘These data support the idea that the Andean rain shadow existed by 15 Ma and that it reinforced the pre-existing climatic regime rather than changing it.’
    • ‘Honiara, the capital, is situated on Guadalcanal, in a rain shadow cast by a high mountain range.’
    • ‘The Sierra Nevada casts a rain shadow over the region to the east of that mountain range.’


rain shadow

/rān ˈSHadō/