Definition of railroader in US English:



  • A person who works for a railroad.

    • ‘Many railroaders viewed mergers as a way to control costs.’
    • ‘The railroaders look after the ‘logistics’ of unloading, stockpiling and keeping tabs on inventory and weights.’
    • ‘I am sure as in many railroad homes, holiday celebrations and family get-togethers were planned around railroader's work assignments.’
    • ‘Even assuming that the brotherhoods may have been successful among their own membership, the majority of railroaders continued to drink, some moderately and others to excess.’
    • ‘Some are old railroaders who come back to enjoy the trains and wildflowers.’
    • ‘The frantic and furious beating took on the dimension and character of a collective crew of railroaders pounding spikes in unison on a stretch of track.’
    • ‘The auxiliaries, along with the railroad brotherhoods, provided railroaders with the opportunity to consort with the temperance-minded, learn to live and work without liquor, and behave like respectable men.’
    • ‘Over the last couple of years, however, the third-generation railroader has dramatically changed the way he operates trains.’
    • ‘Wolfram said he is hopeful that railroaders and others will have some interesting items to donate to the museum, which is expected to be housed on the second floor of the Santa Fe Building.’
    • ‘He spent most of his early working life as a railroader, eventually becoming the chief assistant engineer of the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway.’
    • ‘A dining car, a sleeping car, and maintenance-of-way equipment might illustrate the jobs of African-American railroaders, yet these are located in different sections of the building.’
    • ‘Study of the US Military Railroad, run by professional railroaders, who supported the Union, shows what could be done by managers, men, money, and materials focused on getting the job done.’
    • ‘Subtle concern of the possible dangers still stays with our family through four generations of railroaders.’
    • ‘For the majority of railroaders, the ‘road,’ trips are assigned on a rotating basis, with the order of each person's call to work determined by the time he or she went off duty at the last assignment's end.’
    • ‘Federal laws govern the administration of drug screens to workers in the transportation industry, including bus drivers, truckers, airline employees, and railroaders.’
    • ‘The movie tells the story of Bart, a black slave tossed into the role of sheriff in the small town of Rock Ridge by railroaders who want the land for their own purposes.’
    • ‘But to get those robust salaries, railroaders put up with wearying schedules, physical work and unpredictable assignments.’
    • ‘In the later nineteenth century, a changing economy fostered songs and stories of cowboys, lumberjacks, miners, oil drillers, and railroaders.’
    • ‘The heroic deed of a Seoul railroader who was hit by a running train, trying to save the life of a child at the cost of his two feet, touches our hearts in this tough world of late.’
    • ‘A career railroader, Mitchell was hired by the Missouri Pacific in 1968 as a bridge and building helper.’