Definition of railing in US English:



usually railings
  • A fence or barrier made of rails.

    • ‘As we leaned over the ledges we took silly pictures of each other until I managed to drop the camera off the railings.’
    • ‘Early leaves scattered before it, sweeping along the street and piling against the railings of the school.’
    • ‘Litter bins were erected and all railings were painted by a number of our members.’
    • ‘Green spaces will fenced off with metal railings and boulders to prevent access by motorbikes and cars.’
    • ‘Like the others he was left on his belly by the blue iron railings at the bridge's southern end.’
    • ‘Outside, there is a gravelled area to the front of the house enclosed by wrought iron railings.’
    • ‘Decorative railings and improved lighting have been installed and shrubs and trees planted.’
    • ‘As you look over the railings at the streets below, you feel quite giddy.’
    • ‘Planning permission is not required to demolish the wall, but it is needed to replace it with railings.’
    • ‘He was leaning on the railings, munching a meat pie and watching as the birds scrabbled for the crumbs.’
    • ‘He said the woodwork was rotten - including the railings protecting the balcony.’
    • ‘Rusty iron railings beside the tower's 112 steps also need sand and grit blasting.’
    • ‘At the same time, the business has also been approached to fit safety railings and fencing at a site in Droylsden.’
    • ‘I want to tell the other children at my school not to climb on railings.’
    • ‘Passers-by raised the alarm after seeing the man leaning against the railings.’
    • ‘Even the railings on the stairs feature little tulips cut out of the wood.’
    • ‘Climbing over the railings and down the steps was not a difficult problem.’
    • ‘As the robber clambered over railings his trousers snagged and Mr Ceesay grabbed hold of the hood of his top.’
    • ‘I stood at the railings that overlook the sea at Brighton this afternoon.’
    • ‘So now it will be necessary to put safety railings, or an extra reflective warning post, on the left.’
    fence, fencing, rail, rails, paling, palisade, balustrade, banister, hurdle, barrier, parapet
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