Definition of railhead in US English:



  • 1A point on a railroad from which roads and other transportation routes begin.

    ‘it was a long haul across the highland roads to the nearest airport and railhead at Inverness’
    • ‘Cambrai was an important town as it contained a strategic railhead.’
    • ‘He had to endure a 27-mile ride in a springless wagon over rough roads to a railhead at Guiney Station.’
    • ‘The closest railhead was hundreds of miles away and, in those early days of aviation, an air drop was out of the question.’
    • ‘Grant's goal was to have his wagons never operate more than a single day's march from their supply depots, usually at railheads or river ports.’
    • ‘The train stays at the railhead for half an hour, leaving divers with the flexibility of choosing which train they would like to ride back to shore on.’
    • ‘Located at a major railhead, the town was a wool center for the sheep growers in the region.’
    • ‘From Delhi, the nearest railhead to Bandhavgarh is Umaria, 35 km away.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the development of a railhead at Milford is likely to be delayed even further due to mounting opposition by local residents.’
    • ‘With the improvement in roads, cattle and sheep could be loaded at the station reducing the need for droving stock to railheads.’
    • ‘Before the Kingston / Queenstown road was built goods were taken by steamer or by packhorse from the railhead at Kingston, and this track follows part of the old pack track.’
    • ‘He also hauled back freight from the isolated mountain communities to the railhead.’
    • ‘Throughout the war, transportation and traction beyond railheads were to remain overwhelmingly horse drawn.’
    • ‘By the 1920s a state-subsidized system of grain elevators, silos, and storage at railheads helped to ease the cycle of glut and scarcity.’
    • ‘This was partially due to a lack of technology to concentrate the deeper unoxidized ores and the high cost of transportation to the nearest railhead.’
    • ‘Lawful targets also include dual-use objects like bridges, railheads, road networks, and similar transportation infrastructure used both by civilians and by enemy armed forces.’
    • ‘If it had only one redeeming quality, it was that it was the closest railhead to Montana.’
    • ‘The timber cutters in turn provided extra income for nearby farmers during lean times to transport it to Laura the nearest railhead.’
    • ‘The little hill station of Kohima, north of Imphal and on the road to the important railhead of Dimapur, was encircled, but held out in an epic siege.’
    • ‘Three CAT C - 46s arrived at the northeastern railhead of Udorn, Thailand, on 11 September to begin the airlift.’
    • ‘This is because of the inefficiency of transporting heavy goods to a railhead to be loaded on to a train, only for the same expensive operation to be necessary when it is off-loaded at its destination.’
    1. 1.1 The furthest point reached in constructing a railroad.
      • ‘It had not seen regular use since the days when the Erie Railroad had its railhead above us in the area now occupied by the Newport development.’
      • ‘As railroads pushed westward following the Civil War and the demand for beef increased in the East, Texas cowboys began to drive cattle herds north to railheads in Kansas and later Nebraska.’
      • ‘Within two years it reached Farina and by 1884 Hergott Springs had become the railhead.’
      • ‘It remained the railhead and a construction centre until 1933 when the link to the Main Trunk was opened.’