Definition of rail fence in US English:

rail fence


North American
  • A fence, typically a wooden one, made of posts and rails.

    • ‘The high timber and rail fence will secure this part of the facility.’
    • ‘When he would come to a homestead he could see that the rail fences had been taken down, probably to allow easier passage for the large number of troops moving through.’
    • ‘Prescott bore the brunt of the British assault, supported by Captain William Knowlton and Colonel John Stark, who had positioned themselves alongside a rail fence and hastily constructed stone wall below the hill.’
    • ‘The park sets up tables around the pandas' compound and visitors can eat their breakfasts just outside the rail fences while the pandas eat inside.’
    • ‘In the traditional version of the rail fence the wood is painted white, and there are also a number of pre-colored, low-maintenance vinyl versions of the rail fence available as well.’
    • ‘For much of one year, the three of them had labored to build a rail fence of split juniper around their lot in town.’
    • ‘The ubiquitous rail fences that surrounded household gardens and farm crops bore witness to this.’
    • ‘The Lincoln Living Historical Farm is a working pioneer homestead with a log cabin, outbuildings, split rail fences, livestock, gardens, and field crops.’
    • ‘We were going to put in new posts and rail fences.’
    • ‘The brown mare was tied inside a split rail fence.’
    • ‘The abundance of rail fences in the southern Appalachians attested to the ease with which the wood split.’
    • ‘We're inviting kids of all ages and their kin to the wilderness edge of the Rio Grande headwaters to construct a wooden rail fence around Love Lake.’
    • ‘Kat sat on the rail fence watching them work, amazed as always.’
    • ‘The defendants relied upon their prior maintenance of the rail fence, their regular pasturing of cattle and regular woodcutting to establish a possessory title for them and their predecessors in title.’
    • ‘To keep the deer from munching on the daylilies out front, they put a single strand of white cord along the entire length of the split rail fence.’
    • ‘Within the field some 160 metres of timber post and rail fence has been erected across the field.’
    • ‘Joe had taken a particularly nasty fall and was dusting himself off, when he saw his brother and father draw rein at the rail fence.’
    • ‘The couple are so anxious to ensure their privacy on the day, that they bought €500 worth of shrubs from a local garden centre and built a rail fence at a cost of €22,000, to provide some camouflage.’
    • ‘The horse is depicted standing behind a traditional plank rail fence with a building in the background.’
    • ‘We want to install a split rail fence at our home in Central Virginia.’


rail fence

/ˈrāl ˌfens/