Definition of rail car in US English:

rail car


North American
  • 1Any railroad car or wagon.

    • ‘In November, the company announced plans to add 327 acres of direct rail access for customers that load rail cars at their facilities.’
    • ‘Organizers usually stick to standard rail cars on loan from, say, Amtrak, but since this year's trip was slated for Pennsylvania, Levin had a chance to show off a bit.’
    • ‘Just east of the depot, two parked rail cars serve as a gift shop and a book store.’
    • ‘Schmidt identifies the first use of bar codes as an effort by Sylvania and GTE to track rail cars in the 1960s.’
    • ‘Contractors expect to take several days removing the derailed rail cars.’
    • ‘The so-called roll-on, roll-off barges have a ramp outfitted with rail tracks that can be connected to those on land, letting rail cars move from barge to land tracks without interruption.’
    • ‘The two derailed locomotives remained upright after jumping the tracks, as did two of the five rail cars, Melonas said.’
    • ‘Organized loss of cargo takes place in a wide variety of ways, from employee/driver theft to hijacking of entire fleets of trailers and rail cars.’
    • ‘Montreal-based Bombardier supplies the lightweight fiberglass rail cars and has a five-year operations and maintenance contract.’
    • ‘The 13-city Dallas Area Rapid Transit system consists of 95 light rail cars and nearly 900 buses.’
    • ‘Most towns are too small to fill rail cars economically, if the railroad even passes by anymore.’
    • ‘Engines and rail cars were dispatched in substandard condition.’
    • ‘County Commissioners have voted to buy a railroad engine and two rail cars for the line.’
    • ‘That money funded the purchase of three rail cars for an already-operating excursion train, Evans said.’
    • ‘Railroad crews also were checking the rail lines and a rail car was being sent along the route with a solution of baking soda and water to neutralize the acid.’
    • ‘The tramway was double tracked, with an endless cable that was attached to rail cars running up and down the tracks in a continuous procession.’
    • ‘The machines were also light enough in weight to be frequently hauled through the tunnels and operated on top of flatbed rail cars.’
    • ‘Eleven months later - after a series of jobs that included clearing hazardous waste from rail cars - he returned to the Air Force.’
    • ‘If all of the construction materials used to rebuild Potsdamer Platz were loaded on rail cars, the train would stretch 5,000 kilometers.’
    • ‘The public transportation fleet in the U.S. consists of 129,000 vehicles; 58 percent of them are buses, and only one percent are light rail cars.’
    1. 1.1railcarBritish A powered railway passenger vehicle designed to operate singly or as part of a multiple unit.


rail car

/ˈrāl ˌkär/