Definition of radius of curvature in US English:

radius of curvature


  • The radius of a circle which touches a curve at a given point and has the same tangent and curvature at that point.

    • ‘In the same year he published a paper giving a lower limit for the radius of curvature of space as 2500 light years.’
    • ‘In the paper Friedmann showed that the radius of curvature of the universe can be either an increasing or a periodic function of time.’
    • ‘The display can be flexed in all directions and bent to form a curve with a radius of curvature of less than 20 cm, Tosh says.’
    • ‘If an attempt is made to compress thin hard material further, the reaction becomes so large that the rolls deform elastically and the radius of curvature of the arc of contact is increased.’
    • ‘Behind a hypersonic shock wave the temperature at the leading edge of a hypersonic craft scales inversely with the square root of its radius of curvature.’