Definition of radiophonic in US English:



  • Relating to or denoting sound, especially music, produced electronically.

    ‘a radiophonic wind effect’
    • ‘The play reveals in farcical fashion, the secret lives of electrical appliances, making full use of the radiophonic possibilities.’
    • ‘He describes the finished product as, ‘an exploration of the concept of home, of personal change, of identities or multiplicity of identities through radiophonic format.’’
    • ‘In 2002 Robert was commissioned by the Dutch broadcaster NPS to produce a radiophonic composition for their music program Supplement.’
    • ‘‘The Help Without You’ is all gamelan tones and slow radiophonic workshop melodies, dignified but exhausted.’
    • ‘‘Ears’ is an oral history featuring a musical and radiophonic composition by Colin Black.’
    • ‘This extract comes from a radiophonic piece about accordion players in Western Australia.’
    • ‘He is the author of 16 volumes, acclaimed radiophonic works, and live and broadcast performances.’
    • ‘Acclaimed Australian composer Moya Henderson reveals the process and the poignant story at the heart of her new radiophonic composition.’
    • ‘Just as his later film work would often have an unmistakable radiophonic quality, so too his radio programs have a pronounced cinematic edge.’
    • ‘This is an excerpt from the radiophonic composition, featuring Nyoongah kids at play in the West Australian desert - singing, swimming in a waterhole abuzz with insects.’