Definition of radiopharmaceutical in US English:



  • A radioactive compound used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

    • ‘Other drugs that should be used with caution during lactation include amiodarone, cyclosporine, lithium, estrogens and radiopharmaceuticals.’
    • ‘Once injected, the radiopharmaceuticals participate in the physiologic processes taking place in various organs.’
    • ‘Although targeted radiopharmaceuticals and smart imaging agents are still in the early stages of development, several industry analysts characterized these technologies as having the ability to transform the imaging business.’
    • ‘Creating radiopharmaceuticals that effectively treat cancer with little or no side-effects has been a goal for many medicinal chemists.’
    • ‘Another factor that may limit uptake of the radiopharmaceutical is the transient nature of the tracer bolus presented to the cells in vivo.’