Definition of radiometrically in US English:



  • See radiometric

    • ‘The Cambro-Ordovician boundary is now radiometrically dated at 490 Ma and so only rocks and fossils of late Cambrian age are included in this part of our survey.’
    • ‘Currently, the precise relationship between ammonite zones in the Boreal Province and Late Jurassic radiometrically calibrated sea-floor magnetic reversal history has not been established.’
    • ‘There have been several attempts to date the Borrowdale Volcanic Group radiometrically.’
    • ‘Almost all meteorites are collisional fragments of asteroids, and can be dated radiometrically to about 4.6 billion years, which represents the birth of the Solar System.’
    • ‘Thus basin evolution can be readily linked to geochemically and radiometrically constrained volcanic arc development.’