Definition of radioman in US English:



  • A radio operator or technician.

    • ‘I just watched the first episode, an interview with Jack Klamm, a Naval radioman who was stationed at Fort Ward's Station S during WWII.’
    • ‘Consequently a number of Navajo Indians were drafted into the US army as radiomen, and would have soldiers assigned to them to protect them and prevent them falling into enemy hands.’
    • ‘A radioman, he was stationed at Jacksonville, Fla., but traveled the world.’
    • ‘Burns and his radioman were patrolling the lagoon with another Kingfisher pilot from North Carolina.’
    • ‘Pace turns to the radioman to order an artillery barrage on the town.’
    • ‘This allowed for quick bursts to be grabbed by the radiomen aboard the Yunes without allowing much time for a trace.’
    • ‘‘No incoming radio transmissions,’ the radioman said.’
    • ‘There was a faint click in the earpiece as the radioman changed the channels.’
    • ‘The team's radioman, carried the best in mobile communications gear that wouldn't even reach the civilian market for another four or five years.’
    • ‘‘We're being contacted by the Halberd,’ the radioman said.’
    • ‘Jack took the missive back from Garcia and handed it to the radioman for disposal.’
    • ‘‘Captain, they're hailing us,’ the radioman said.’
    • ‘‘Captain, you have an incoming laser-link transmission from the Agamemnon,’ the radioman's voice said through the intercom.’
    • ‘‘They're signaling that they're ready for docking,’ the radioman said.’
    • ‘James was a U.S. Navy veteran, serving in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans as a radioman aboard the U.S.S. Troilus.’
    • ‘The imposition of radio silence during such missions made me more of a gunner than a radioman.’
    • ‘The radioman on a B - 17 has the big radio directly in front of him and a desk to take down messages.’
    • ‘The radioman directed the Hiawatha's transmission to Brenner's earpiece.’
    • ‘The young radioman finished sending the message and then ran up through the house to the top floor where all the sergeants and officers were talking.’
    • ‘Of his group only the radioman was left alive, so deadly had been the machine.’