Definition of radiolysis in US English:


nounPlural radiolyses

  • The molecular decomposition of a substance by ionizing radiation.

    • ‘This transient could be attributed to the triplet excited state of curcumin by comparing it with the spectra of the triplet obtained by pulse radiolysis of curcumin in benzene.’
    • ‘It has been demonstrated using pulse radiolysis that ascorbate can regenerate [alpha] tocopherol from the tocopheroxylradical and that such regeneration may occur in the skin.’
    • ‘X rays induce double-strand breaks both via direct absorption and radicals produced by radiolysis, which also cause a whole spectrum of other damages.’
    • ‘The authors used emission spectroscopy, laser flash photolysis and pulse radiolysis to measure a series of photophysical parameters of curcumin.’
    • ‘Dihydrothymine structure is a well-documented DNA base lesion induced by radiolysis of DNA, and the biological relevance has been the subject of several investigations.’