Definition of radiologist in US English:



  • A person who uses X-rays or other high-energy radiation, especially a doctor specializing in radiology.

    ‘the radiologist said he could see no cause for concern’
    • ‘It's unlikely that your oncologist or radiologist would tell you at this point that there are other options.’
    • ‘The man was an experienced radiologist with excellent reference checks.’
    • ‘The images are interpreted by a radiologist.’
    • ‘They gave approval to recruit a clinical team of consultant surgeon, radiologist and pathologist.’
    • ‘The 72 - year-old retired radiologist monitors the company from his Beverly Hills home.’
    • ‘I have a friend in America who is a consultant radiologist.’
    • ‘Part of the funds has already been used to fund mammography training for two radiologists at the hospital.’
    • ‘CT scans had been interpreted by an experienced chest radiologist.’
    • ‘More recently radiologists have become involved also in ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).’
    • ‘The treatment is performed by interventional radiologists.’