Definition of radiation belt in US English:

radiation belt


  • A region surrounding a planet where charged particles accumulate under the influence of the planet's magnetic field.

    • ‘These radiation belts surround the Earth with a stormy environment of energetic particles that could affect the electronic systems and computers on board the spacecraft.’
    • ‘Other measurements obtained during the mission provided new data on the Earth's radiation belt and the discovery that the Moon has no magnetic field.’
    • ‘In 1958, the Explorer III became the US's first satellite and it also discovered Earth's radiation belt.’
    • ‘A major finding of the magnetospheric imaging instrument is the discovery of a new radiation belt just above Saturn's cloud tops, up to the inner edge of the D-ring.’
    • ‘That orbit regularly takes the station near the auroral zone and the ‘horns’ of the outer radiation belt - where the trapped particles descend toward the atmosphere.’