Definition of radial in US English:



  • 1Of or arranged like rays or the radii of a circle; diverging in lines from a common center.

    • ‘The overall longitudinal and radial structure of the root was normal and no cell tier was missing (data not shown).’
    • ‘The surface is marked by concentric lines and low radial ridges.’
    • ‘The degree of radial increase or decrease is influenced by tree height and diameter.’
    • ‘However, an extra element of patterning is required in the Antirrhinum flower, which has a bilateral symmetry imposed on the basic radial pattern common to all flowers.’
    • ‘These faint, radial lines were first observed by Voyager, 25 years ago, and have also been seen in pictures from Hubble.’
    • ‘This cranked geometry inflects around the pair of large adjacent trees and registers a trace of the radial gardens.’
    • ‘If a perpendicular measurement is impossible, the observer records radial distance and sighting angle.’
    • ‘Chromosome loss is indicated by the production of aneuploid colonies that are small and may contain haploid sectors that spread in radial arrays.’
    • ‘Seasoned logs will be light to the touch and will have radial cracks from the centre to the outside of the wood.’
    • ‘Arranged in a radial pattern, the stone arches are crowned by a shallow domed roof clad in panels of green pre-patinated copper.’
    • ‘The direction of the wall's line is tightened to a radial geometry which extends from the centre of view in the existing house.’
    • ‘This indicates that the applied geometrical constraints alone are not sufficient to explain the observed radial arrangements.’
    • ‘The skin is light green with dark radial stripes; when ripe, the flesh is creamy white, with relatively few seeds.’
    • ‘The helices have a radial slope and converge at the intracellular bundle narrowing.’
    • ‘They are large bivalves with thick shells, which bear numerous and finely spaced concentric lines but no radial ones.’
    • ‘I suggested the use of radial lines emanating from the flame.’
    • ‘Both diametrical and radial defect lines are found within the DNA cholesteric spherulites studied.’
    • ‘The breast is examined in a segment arranged in an imaginary radial pattern centred on the nipple.’
    • ‘The tentacles around the mouth are disposed in concentric circles, usually forming a series of radial lines rather than being alternately arranged.’
    • ‘This causes a deviation from the usually radial septal arrangement to a more bilateral one in transverse thin sections.’
    1. 1.1 (of a road or route) running directly from a town or city center to an outlying district.
      • ‘The Master Plan proposes developing a system of road grids between the five areas between the five radial roads and the ring roads.’
      • ‘Park and ride facilities are proposed on major radial routes into the city and at railway stations on commuter links.’
      • ‘The committee believe the re-opening of the rail corridor has come a step closer following the announcement by the Government of a new strategy for towns on radial routes in the West.’
      • ‘It has been conceived with underpasses and 12 radial roads, so there's no stopping of traffic.’
      • ‘The close presence of noise and fumes, and lack of segregated crossings with radial roads, would be very unattractive to urban cyclists such as myself.’
      • ‘Circling the square - a geometric possibility in modern Greece - one reaches the National Theatre in one of the radial roads.’
      • ‘Speeds on radial roads would fall to 8 kilometres per hour, almost three times less than that of 1991.’
      • ‘They submitted an application for planning permission for the core network of 5 radial guided busway routes.’
      • ‘Fewer and fewer journeys are point to point on radial highways going in and out of town.’
      • ‘Has City Hall had an independent study of the orbital and radial roads to determine the impact of increased traffic created?’
      • ‘No other cities in Maryland or Virginia combined an oval with a pattern of radial streets to organize civic space in the service of a centralized colonial state.’
      • ‘On the Panamanian side, city blocks were plotted along radial avenues.’
      • ‘The city is concentrating on improving radial links from the city's central areas into the outer suburbs.’
      • ‘On the east bank, near where the radial streets converged, the master plan called for a civic center to house the main government buildings.’
      • ‘Another option looked at was using signal controls on radial routes and bollards on residential rat-runs to control the amount of traffic on the inner ring road.’
      • ‘Interesting to note his usage of buses to get from terminating stations and between lines on Melbourne's radial rail network.’
      • ‘For centuries, all the routes into Waterford city were radial, like spokes radiating from the hub of a bicycle wheel.’
      • ‘This has been targeted towards the city centre and the main radial routes.’
      • ‘The line would serve up to 20 towns in the west of Ireland and link with radial routes to Westport, Ballina and Longford.’
      • ‘These radial roads of around 100 km will be developed at a cost of Rs 61 crores.’
    2. 1.2 Denoting a tire in which the layers of fabric have their cords running at right angles to the circumference of the tyre and the tread is strengthened by further layers around the circumference.
      Compare with bias-ply
      • ‘He cautions owners that radial tyres require extra air pressure and this must be kept in mind at all times.’
      • ‘Recently, the company introduced the first radial tire for skid-steer loaders.’
      • ‘A 37 year old man presented to the emergency department with a blast injury, sustained as a result of inflating a radial tyre which exploded.’
      • ‘Bias-ply has a round profile and high sidewalls while a radial tire has a flatter profile and shorter sidewalls.’
      • ‘The company that brought the world the radial-ply tyre has not been resting on its laurels and has presented a novel four-seater car with tiny motors inside the wheels.’
      • ‘Thanks to the software, we know better whether a particular piece of equipment should have radial or bias tires.’
      • ‘The tread portion of the tyre is tough, but the side wall of a radial tyre is notoriously weak.’
      • ‘The car rides on 30x9, Hoosier radial tires mounted on Center Line aluminum wheels.’
      • ‘The only giveaways, apart from the badges, were slightly flared wheel arches, wide alloy wheels shod with special high-grip radial tyres and a single large-bore exhaust pipe.’
      • ‘I also like the performance of the new Phoenix radial tires.’
      • ‘Aviation experts have designed durable new radial tyres that burst into lighter, more flexible fragments if a blowout occurs.’
      • ‘Using radial tyres is recommended for achieving three to seven per cent fuel economy.’
      • ‘Michelin introduced a radial tire especially for large scrapers.’
      • ‘The 14.00-20 radial tyres can be optionally fitted with run flat capability.’
      • ‘Thieves can easily escape with their costly alloy wheels and premium radial tyres, which are unprotected.’
      • ‘Why, Michelin wanted to know, are sales of radial tires surging in China even though they cost three times more than standard tires?’
      • ‘Remember that radial-ply tyres offer less rolling resistance and have a longer life than the cross-ply variety.’
      • ‘The ultra-strong fiber was first developed by DuPont chemist Stephanie Kwolek in 1965 as a way to make radial tires lighter.’
      • ‘We're also going to experiment with radial tires; we think there's more performance to be found there.’
  • 2Zoology Anatomy
    Relating to the radius.

    • ‘Another injection site is at the volar side of the forearm, 4 cm proximal to the wrist crease between the tendons of the radial flexor muscle and the palmaris longus muscle.’
    • ‘During the surgery, care must be taken to protect the branches of the superficial and radial nerves that dorsally overlie the first dorsal compartment.’
    • ‘The profunda may be reduced in size and terminate in muscle without giving rise to the radial and medial collateral arteries.’
    • ‘The nerve supply to the muscles of the forearm and hand is provided by the radial, median, and ulnar nerves.’
    • ‘Each radial canal ends in a terminal tube foot, which has a sensory function.’


  • 1A radial tire.

    • ‘The company would initially import the truck and bus radials from a facility in China and distribute them through the dealer network.’
    • ‘There's plenty of power being sent to the 16-inch all-season radials mounted on some very stylish alloy wheels.’
    • ‘When I needed new tires for my car, I asked the guy in the tire place if the tires I picked out were all weather radials.’
    • ‘The ride is greatly improved by trading in the low rolling resistance tires for P185 / 65R15 all-weather radials mounted on aluminum alloy wheels.’
    • ‘Run-flat radials are making modest headway and four-season tires are earning their stripes in the high performance realm.’
    • ‘The standard fare is 7.5x17-inch painted steel wheels skinned with 245 / 75R - 17 radials.’
    • ‘In the 1970s, the company produced steel-belted radials that it knew had a tendency to separate.’
    • ‘The co-op also changes the RoGator's tires from flotation tires to radials as row crops grow.’
    • ‘You bolted upright, hit your head on the steering wheel, and I swerved right into this huge piece of rusted metal, which instantly severed the front left tire, steel radials and all.’
    • ‘The choice of radials will increase tyre life and reduce fuel consumption by as much as five percent;’
    • ‘Michelin's radial, patented in 1946, paid off handsomely.’
    • ‘They set aside-or try-their fears of slickened roads that their brand-new all-season radials will fail to navigate.’
    • ‘The five-door comes fully equipped with 17-inch 205/50 V-rated all-season radials mounted on 17-inch alloy wheels.’
    • ‘17-inch H-rated all-season radials mounted on 17-inch alloy wheels are standard.’
    • ‘Tires are 18-in. 45 series performance radials on aluminum wheels.’
  • 2A radial road.

    • ‘From there, we could have a limitless number of radials, reaching to all parts of England.’
    • ‘They build their cities based upon points with radials coming out.’
    • ‘The Railways have infrastructure along five radials from the city centre.’
    • ‘The grid pattern is superimposed on the ring roads and radials.’
  • 3Zoology
    A supporting ray in a fish's fin.

    • ‘A 1: 1 ratio between radials and basals in the dorsal and anal fins is diagnostic of this taxon.’
    • ‘The pectoral radials are one of a series of endochondral - growing or developing within cartilage - bones in the pectoral and pelvic girdle on which the fin rays insert.’
    • ‘So defined, the fin-limb transition has to be explained in terms of the evolution of the digital arch and the derivation of digits from radials in fins.’
    • ‘That is, the cartilaginous radials extend to margins of pectoral fin, functionally and physically displacing the keratinous ceratotrichia.’
    • ‘The only competing hypothesis - chaetognath affinity - provides some alternative interpretations; but the dorsal notochord, tail, and fin radials make this unlikely.’
  • 4

    short for radial engine
    • ‘The racer utilized a strong but smallish airframe mated to a Pratt & Whitney radial and variable-position three-blade prop.’
    • ‘Many hundreds are flying, most powered with a 220-hp Continental radial, and you can count on them to leak oil, burn gas and give you more fun than is probably legal.’
    • ‘Others favored in-line engines because of the improved streamlining even though the radials of the period usually offered a bit more in horsepower.’
    • ‘These aircraft were delivered unarmed and differed in the fact they were fitted with single-row Wright R - 1820-102 radials of 700-hp.’
    • ‘Within seconds, the mighty radial roared to life, spinning the propeller.’
    • ‘Pratt & Whitney jumped into the engine battle with the R - 2800, an 18 cylinder, twin row radial.’
    • ‘The first to try was a crew of four aboard a specially prepared Fokker S 35 powered by three French-built Jupiter radials capable of 425 horsepower each.’
    • ‘Accordingly, an order was issued that called for the construction of 48 H - 75A fighters to be powered by Cyclone 9 radials.’
    • ‘Fitted with reliable Pratt & Whitney Wasp Jr. SB radials capable of 450-hp each, the craft received a fair amount of ground testing including high speed taxi trials.’
    • ‘Shortly after liftoff, the number three Wright radial experienced a momentary surge in power but then stabilized.’
    • ‘Both companies built the C - I 19F which was powered by Wright R - 3350-85 radials and the F had its gross weight increased to 85,000-lb.’
    • ‘Students would rebuild different types of radials and then install them on the fuselage and run the engines.’
    • ‘Fitted with two P&W R - 985AN - 4 radials, the Model 212s were completed between February 1939 and June 1940.’
    • ‘When fitted with two 700-horsepower Hornet SD-G radials, the aircraft was redesignated DC-lA and the modified aircraft made its first flight in this configuration from Clover Field on 6 October 1933.’
    • ‘I shoved the throttle on the Nakajima radial to full power.’
    • ‘Clean in design with modern features, the new design was powered by a pair of powerful and trustworthy R2800 radials.’
    • ‘The transport could also tow Waco CG - 4A gliders and was powered by two Pratt & Whitney R - 2800 radials.’
    • ‘In October 1926, National Air Transport sent out a request for bids for a transport aircraft that could carry passengers or mail and be powered by a Wright Whirlwind radial.’
    • ‘The B - 17C wing and engines were replaced with B - 17G units including new GR - 1820 - G666 radials of 1200 hp.’
    • ‘The radial was composed of 14 cylinders arranged into two rows and was theoretically capable of pumping out 900-hp.’


Late 16th century: from medieval Latin radialis, from Latin radius (see radius).