Definition of rack something up in US English:

rack something up

phrasal verb

  • Accumulate or achieve something, typically a score or amount.

    ‘Japan is racking up record trade surpluses with the U.S’
    • ‘They racked up more points in the new year then any other club, he says.’
    • ‘Labour MSPs have not been shy about racking up large taxi bills on the public purse.’
    • ‘In fact, there's more opportunity than ever for your company to rack up record sales.’
    • ‘He racked up a hefty debt in the process - more than $12,000.’
    • ‘And when Sligo started to rack up some late scores, these fears again seemed justified.’
    • ‘We spent months racking up the phone bills, sending each other surprise packages and sentimental handwritten letters.’
    • ‘And he's racked up a record of 19-0, making him the local star.’
    • ‘Even so, the company has already racked up annual sales of more than $5 million.’
    • ‘But just in his first term he's racked up about two-thirds that much money in new debt.’
    achieve, attain, accomplish, gain, earn, win, succeed in making, reach, make, get, obtain
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