Definition of race riot in US English:

race riot


  • A public outbreak of violence between two racial groups in a community.

    • ‘The race riot that year roused a decade of civil and social rights initiatives and gave special urgency to the need for protection from an array of injustice.’
    • ‘During Chicago's 1919 race riot, an Irish gang tried to enlist allies among eastern European immigrants living near the stockyards by scapegoating blacks.’
    • ‘She is about 13 years old, living proof of the tensions that have grown up over decades in Redfern, passing down the generations and exploding into a full-blown race riot.’
    • ‘The area began to look like a war zone as the inhabitants dealt with a race riot and the greed of few landlords who were able to make more money burning down their buildings rather than renting them out.’
    • ‘The last race riot of this type occurred in Detroit in 1943.’
    • ‘White resistance to further expansion, exacerbated by the postwar competition for jobs and rising political tensions, strained racial amity and led to a bloody race riot in 1919.’
    • ‘With the deprivation and grimness of daily life ever more menacing, the race riot of 1935 seemed foreordained.’
    • ‘What are the causes of the race riot that occurred in such a place?’
    • ‘When he rose to power in 1981, the country still bore scars from violent race riots and a long fight against a stubborn communist insurgency.’
    • ‘The violence is the worst since the race riots of 1969, which claimed the lives of hundreds of ethnic Chinese.’
    • ‘The violence was the latest in a wave of race riots in the northern English towns of Burnley, Leeds and Oldham, which all have large Asian communities.’
    • ‘Everyone wanted to stress that it was not a race riot and it was not, in the sense that there was no obvious hostility to any one community.’
    • ‘Yet few people knew about the worst race riot in America's past.’
    • ‘Discrimination and violence again awaited returning black servicemen, and race riots erupted in 1919.’
    • ‘In response to a Tallahassee race riot in August 1944, the association condemned mob violence and supported the governor and police for quick action in suppressing the violence.’
    • ‘In the past quarter-century, every major race riot in this country has been sparked by a police action against a black person that was widely seen as an excessive use of force.’
    • ‘A major race riot was triggered when a white gang began attacking Asian people at random after a minor disagreement, a jury heard yesterday.’
    • ‘The 1921 race riot was sparked by a confrontation between whites who had gone to Tulsa's courthouse to lynch a black man accused of sexually assaulting a white woman and black men who showed up to stop them.’
    • ‘Many second-generation Muslims are not well integrated into UK society and say they face discrimination and unemployment, especially in smaller cities like Bradford, the site of a race riot.’
    • ‘I describe it as a race riot because I think this is something that has been coming for some time.’


race riot

/ˈreɪs ˌraɪət//ˈrās ˌrīət/