Definition of R & R in US English:

R & R


  • 1informal Rest and recreation.

    • ‘Many military personnel will also take their R & R in Pattaya and the surrounding environs, bringing in a much-needed infusion of tourist business.’
    • ‘The seventies were when the tourist boom had just started in Pattaya with the troops on R & R from Vietnam.’
    • ‘I'd come to London's Berkeley hotel for a bit of R & R.’
    • ‘What was supposed to be a leisurely year of R & R quickly turned dramatic.’
    • ‘I've had a long morning and could use some R & R.’
    • ‘NBA training camps open with the Lakers back in Honolulu, where Kobe Bryant's teammates will get plenty of R & R between practices because no one will recognize them.’
    • ‘For his R & R he was asked if he wanted to go to Thailand.’
    • ‘The crew stops at a commerce station for a little R & R and to purchase some essential supplies.’
    • ‘He had decided to take a vacation and get some R & R at his house in Pallet Town.’
    • ‘After surviving a bus fiasco with her ex-boyfriend, Annie's got a new love interest in Alex Shaw and they've decided to snag a cruise to the Caribbean for a little R & R.’
    • ‘TT caught up with Cindy Hicks and Aaron Howell from southern England getting some R & R at the Bay Gardens Hotel.’
    recreation, enjoyment, amusement, entertainment, diversion, distraction, fun, pleasure, rest, refreshment, relief, respite, leisure, leisure activity, leisure pursuit
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  • 2Medicine
    Rescue and resuscitation.

    • ‘I'd asked the doctors about it, back when it had bothered me; they'd prescribed R & R, which had done nothing.’
    • ‘Anyway, in order to follow my own prescription for R & R, I am in the country as I type, enjoying a relaxing day off.’
  • 3Rock and roll.

    • ‘Pepper however took rock music to the next plane, drawing from R'n'R and R&B, from Dylan and the poets, from thoughts and music from India.’
    • ‘Frankly, it's not the best known or, indeed, the best musical around but the R & R rose to the challenge.’