Main definitions of r in English

: r1R2R3


  • 1Recto.

  • 2(giving position or direction) right.

    ‘l to r: Evan, Nick, and David’
  • 3Law

    ‘under r 7.4 (6) the court may hear an application immediately’

  • 1Radius.

  • 2Statistics
    Correlation coefficient.

    ‘sigmoidoscopic and symptom scores also showed a significant correlation with each other (r = 0.91)’

Main definitions of r in English

: r1R2R3


(also r)


  • 1The eighteenth letter of the alphabet.

    1. 1.1Denoting the next after Q in a set of items, categories, etc.

Main definitions of r in English

: r1R2R3


  • 1Rand.

    ‘a farm worth nearly R1,3-million’
  • 2Réaumur.

    ‘198.6 °R’
  • 3Regina or Rex.

    ‘Elizabeth R’
  • 4Registered as a trademark.

  • 5(in the US) Republican.

    ‘congressman Henry Hyde (R-Illinois)’
  • 6North American Restricted, a rating in the Voluntary Movie Rating System that children under 17 require an accompanying parent or adult guardian for admission.

  • 7(on a gearshift) reverse.

  • 8River (chiefly on maps)

    ‘R. Cherwell’
  • 9Roentgen(s)

  • 10Rook (in recording moves in chess)


  • 1Chemistry
    An unspecified alkyl or other organic radical or group.

  • 2Electrical resistance.

  • 3Chemistry
    The gas constant.