Definition of Quonset in US English:


(also Quonset hut)


North American
  • A building made of corrugated metal and having a semicircular cross section.

    • ‘Greenhouses are gothic or Quonset structures with end walls and a double-layer polyethylene inflated roof.’
    • ‘The building resembles a gigantic Quonset hut with a control tower and several other buildings attached.’
    • ‘Earlier that day I rode my bike from the ridiculous Quonset hut to the port, where there are winding small streets and wonderful fish restaurants.’
    • ‘This portion of the roofing industry has come a long way from the corrugated tin of the Quonset hut.’
    • ‘Immediately after the war, he developed a series of small houses using Quonsets as low-cost, readily available starting points for the designs.’
    • ‘It's housed in a drab off-campus building that looks like a converted Quonset hut, and it sits next door to an auto-repair shop.’
    • ‘During the Korean War and the Vietnam War, a half-moon-shaped structure, constructed with a thin layer of corrugated steel or aluminum - known as the Quonset hut - dotted the landscape.’
    • ‘In a small way, it is hoped that visitors leave the Quonset hut theater with a better understanding of the courage it took to fly these missions and the sacrifice that was made by so many for their country.’
    • ‘The police station is a Korean War Quonset hut, staple of the 1950s, a provisional edifice originally used as a war bunker.’
    • ‘For example, Quonset huts and gang latrines are no longer acceptable.’
    • ‘While he was at the remote Aleutian island town of Umnak from 1942 to 1943, Faber lived in a Quonset hut.’
    • ‘My new school turns out to be a village of Quonset huts-more like a military encampment than a high school.’
    • ‘They remained in storage in outdoor sheds, Quonset huts, and leaky basements for years.’
    • ‘The owner had purchased this former tennis club housed in two separate Quonset hut-style buildings and had turned it into a health club.’
    • ‘He's standing in front of a Quonset hut in khakis, obviously thin from poor food and tanned from sun exposure.’
    • ‘The inexpensive and practical Quonset design was an idea borrowed from the military.’
    • ‘However, she was from the less successful side of the family - she grew up in a garage and a Quonset hut - though family connections still counted for much.’
    • ‘In addition to the temporary antenna towers, Quonset huts and short-term wooden structures were built to house the equipment and radar operators.’
    • ‘The safe zone would have large Quonset hut or chickee structures, bathrooms, showers and a laundry facility.’
    • ‘These steel and fiberboard buildings were akin to the American Quonsets.’


Second World War: named after Quonset Point, Rhode Island, where such huts were first made.