Definition of quite some in US English:

quite some


  • 1A considerable amount of.

    ‘she hasn't been seen for quite some time’
    • ‘For quite some time this nursery has not produced any Horticulture saplings for issue to the farmers.’
    • ‘Stored this way, fish from the tropics will last quite some considerable time in cold storage, at least five days.’
    • ‘She just turned six a couple of weeks ago and most of the children in her grade have been six for quite some time.’
    • ‘It caused quite some considerable difficulty during the previous separation.’
    • ‘I'm anxious to be finished here, as my heart has not been in this job for quite some time now.’
    • ‘Therefore, homes in the West have been fully wired up quite some time back.’
    • ‘I, like most other members of this House, reject their politics and have done so for quite some time.’
    • ‘I have listened to you and you have gone to quite some considerable length to make the same point twice.’
    • ‘Indeed much of the public reading of the party and its intentions has been seriously off beam for quite some time now.’
  • 2informal Used to indicate that the specified person or thing is perceived as particularly notable, remarkable, or impressive.

    • ‘The station is quite some distance away, but the screeching sound of the engine reaches this far.’
    • ‘When you think back through the past 20 years, that is quite some statement.’
    • ‘Given the group's notoriously bitter and protracted split a decade ago, this was quite some achievement.’
    • ‘Adding the chapter would have been quite some way of getting back at the bad guys.’