Definition of quiescence in US English:



  • See quiescent

    • ‘Cells may exit the cell cycle at G 1 and enter a nonproliferative phase called G 0 or quiescence.’
    • ‘Asthma in childhood often has a much different clinical pattern than in adults, with long periods of quiescence punctuated by virally induced exacerbations that often diminish in frequency with time.’
    • ‘The means of production would remain in private hands, but the state would offer workers certain benefits, in return for their quiescence and agreement not to agitate for total expropriation as demanded in socialist propaganda.’
    • ‘Evidence from human and animal studies indicates nitric oxide inhibits uterine contractility and may help maintain uterine quiescence during pregnancy.’
    • ‘The next four decades saw periods of resurgence and quiescence in Soviet anti-Semitism.’