Definition of quickness in US English:



  • 1The quality of moving fast or doing something in a short time.

    ‘an athlete with outstanding quickness and agility’
    • ‘He had a great offseason, improving his strength and quickness.’
    • ‘He uses his quickness to beat linemen and get to the passer.’
    • ‘He is a sure tackler with great quickness.’
    • ‘In between fights, you go through training exercises to enhance attributes like power and quickness.’
    • ‘I was surprised by the quickness of his capitulation.’
    • ‘Check the steering for quickness of response.’
    • ‘She responded strongly and with breath-taking quickness to this situation.’
    • ‘He is a dominating athlete with agile feet and good initial quickness.’
    • ‘At such work her fingers moved with a quickness and assurance that fascinated Matt.’
    • ‘She had enough natural strength and quickness to be great.’
  • 2The quality of being prompt to understand, think, or learn.

    ‘his quickness of mind gained him the respect of all parties’
    • ‘His curiosity and quickness of mind ensured that he realised very quickly what I was implying.’
    • ‘He hates Max's ease with clients and quickness of phrase.’
    • ‘Murray showed from early on a remarkable quickness to learn, especially languages.’
    • ‘His wide knowledge and the quickness of his perception made him an excellent conversationalist.’
    • ‘He used his mental quickness as a weapon to see through the faulty logic of the people who reported to him.’
    • ‘His quickness of thought and steadiness of judgement ensured a distinguished term of office.’
    • ‘Your client, I should say, had the quickness of mind to object to it.’
    • ‘His quickness was in seeing this wasn't the right thing to do.’
    • ‘The quickness of her mind astonished me.’
    • ‘His quickness of wit was often shown.’
    1. 2.1 The quality of a person's temper being easily roused.
      ‘his quickness of temper involved him in many controversies’
      • ‘The quickness of his temper was counteracted by the generosity and benevolence of his heart.’
      • ‘One thing that has been a constant presence in my life so far is my quickness to anger.’
      • ‘He was a man of extreme quickness of temper.’
      • ‘His quickness to rage ended his marriage.’
      • ‘He is infamous throughout the village for his bitter temperament and quickness to anger.’
      • ‘Quickness to anger is reduced and thus the incidence of violence.’
      • ‘From earliest infancy children differ in irritability and quickness of temper.’
      • ‘Red hair has similarly been stereotypically associated with quickness of temper.’
      • ‘Quickness to anger may be influenced by environmental experiences.’
      • ‘Despite his quickness to irritability, he does have some redeeming qualities.’
      • ‘Despite the quickness of her temper, Anne was temperamentally opposed to confrontation.’