Definition of quick and dirty in US English:

quick and dirty


  • Makeshift; done or produced hastily.

    ‘a quick and dirty synopsis of their work’
    • ‘Anyone who is looking to improve the usability of a site without investing in a professional report can easily find the current issues with a site by performing a quick-and-dirty usability study.’
    • ‘Although this quick-and-dirty approach is good for prototyping, it presents significant challenges for building deployable code.’
    • ‘Still, even this quick-and-dirty swipe at the problem provides some empirical support for the impression that syntactic complexity in English public discourse has decreased over the past couple of centuries.’
    • ‘You can set up a quick-and-dirty test to generate ballpark values, or a more elaborate test to discriminate between populations that may be very similar.’
    • ‘The computer models described there seemed both intriguing and easy to re-create, and so I wrote a quick-and-dirty program to play with some of them.’
    • ‘As all CPAs know, there is an overwhelming erroneous assumption among clients that there are truckloads of questions that can be answered on a quick-and-dirty basis with just a simple phone call.’
    • ‘They've rapidly spread as quick-and-dirty online scratch pads among small corporate groups at companies such as Walt Disney and SAP.’
    • ‘A quick-and-dirty history of social systems theory begins with functionalism, the most influential form of social explanation for much of the past century.’
    • ‘A quick-and-dirty test: See how the fund fared in 2002, a truly rotten year, and 1999, an exceptionally good one.’
    • ‘So my quick-and-dirty answer is that moving it into high Earth orbit would certainly be easier than launching the same mass from Earth's surface, but probably not easier than launching the same mass from the Moon's surface.’
    • ‘The author offers blend of psychoanalytic research, quick-and-dirty philosophy, and common sense.’
    • ‘And my rankings, for that matter, as I have simply done a quick-and-dirty estimate of how the fourteen AL teams ranked in their efforts Tuesday and Wednesday.’
    • ‘It's not a multitrack editor, more's the pity, but for quick-and-dirty edit work with basic transitions and soundtrack mixing, it works encouragingly well.’
    • ‘And peruse our quick-and-dirty lowdown on the most prevalent bugs and how to safeguard against them.’
    • ‘In any case, one other thing jumped out at me about the Journal's quick-and-dirty piece.’
    • ‘Thus, you can write a quick-and-dirty solution to a one-time problem, but you can also write solutions to big problems in an easy-to-read, easy-to-debut, easy-to-maintain way.’
    • ‘This was a quick-and-dirty attempt at getting a handle on the relative values of a select group of top-notch relievers, but it contained a few flaws.’
    • ‘I plan to go back on Wednesday to do some quick-and-dirty mapping and interviews for him because he wants to better understand how people find their way around.’
    • ‘So I'll do a quick-and-dirty edit on the video and throw it up tomorrow, I swear.’
    • ‘Based on some quick-and-dirty corpus analysis using the Newspaper Archive database, I have isolated ten main verbs that can be used in the snowclone, suitable for paradigmatic alternation and syntagmatic combination.’
    temporary, make-do, provisional, stopgap, standby, rough and ready, substitute, emergency, improvised, ad hoc, impromptu, extemporary, extempore, thrown together, cobbled together
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quick and dirty