Definition of quick-wittedness in US English:



  • See quick-witted

    • ‘Despite his popularity in the party and the respect his intelligence and quick-wittedness has earned from those who work with him, some political analysts say the Offaly TD still does not play well to women and urban voters.’
    • ‘But in football being sent off is easy; the difficult part is entertaining the public with skill, imagination and quick-wittedness.’
    • ‘What miseries were endured, and what injustices were done, because well-intentioned leaders lacked the quality of moral quick-wittedness!’
    • ‘Immediately likeable, he works with the audience rather than against them, displaying a keen quick-wittedness and an impressive improvisational skill.’
    • ‘I have a lot respect for the British system, and the toughness and verbal facility and quick-wittedness of the British politicians who can handle this type of thing.’
    • ‘Quickskill suggests speed and dexterity, quick-wittedness, the ability to improvise on the spot.’
    • ‘Wisdom is subdivided into good sense, good calculation, quick-wittedness, discretion, and resourcefulness.’
    • ‘Mimi proposes a spirited quick-wittedness as an inventive, ethical response to the dilemmas posed by black and white encounters within modernity.’
    • ‘For his eyes betrayed that his mind was fully alert and held all the liveliness and quick-wittedness that had made him the world's darling for so long.’
    • ‘However, he had underestimated Sam's speed and quick-wittedness.’



/ˈˌkwik ˈˌwididnəs/