Definition of quick-thinking in US English:



  • Having or showing an ability to think or react quickly and effectively.

    ‘a major crash was avoided thanks to quick-thinking drivers’
    • ‘If it had not been for his quick-thinking action the damage could have been very much worse.’
    • ‘Firefighters praised Mr Armstrong for his quick-thinking action in trying to help Mr Bland.’
    • ‘Eventually, he shoved Anika away from the till and fled the store with two of her quick-thinking colleagues in pursuit.’
    • ‘Two quick-thinking teenagers used their first aid skills to save a stricken 10-year-old from choking to death.’
    • ‘In short, the quick-thinking actions of the first doctor probably saved the life of my little nephew.’
    • ‘A quick-thinking man who scaled a ladder to rescue an elderly woman from a blaze has been hailed a hero.’
    • ‘They have also praised the actions of a quick-thinking member of the public who contacted police immediately to alert them to what could have been a very serious incident.’
    • ‘Not knowing if anyone was inside, the quick-thinking teenagers tried to kick the flat's front door down.’
    • ‘During the second loop, my chain locked up and had it not been for a quick-thinking Tiffany, who advised me to pedal backwards, my backside would have been hitting the pavement.’
    • ‘Quick-thinking staff ushered audience members to safety within minutes of the start of the blaze.’
    • ‘A quick-thinking kitchen worker was today praised for saving a woman from a nasty facial scar.’
    • ‘Quick-thinking organisers plunged the stage into darkness to protect the star's modesty.’
    • ‘Mobile phones could become the new eyes of the law if quick-thinking citizens use the latest in-built camera technology to photograph crimes as they happen.’
    • ‘A mother would have died had it not been for the actions of her quick-thinking daughter.’
    • ‘Fortunately, quick-thinking friends took her home straight away.’
    • ‘The quick-thinking schoolboy rescued a straying toddler from a railway line.’
    • ‘A lucky couple escaped from a blaze after the alarm was raised by a quick-thinking pooch.’
    • ‘Two women whose quick-thinking actions helped save a swimmer from drowning have modestly downplayed their roles.’
    • ‘As the quick-thinking woman held on to the marooned minibus she managed to stop a passer-by who gathered stones to hold the wheels.’
    • ‘Five quick-thinking policemen were yesterday given a well-deserved pat on the back for their part in helping a plane make a forced landing in Colchester.’
    alert, astute, perceptive, quick, sharp-witted, sharp, shrewd, penetrating, discerning, perspicacious
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