Definition of questioner in US English:



  • 1A person who asks questions, especially in an official context.

    ‘they respond to their questioners simply and directly’
    ‘she is an experienced prosecutor and a skilled questioner’
    • ‘Poor air quality causes severe health problems, as was noted by the previous questioner.’
    • ‘Patrick told his questioner, "We did investigate."’
    • ‘Can the Minister enlighten the primary questioner and the House as to what policies this Government has in place to address benefit fraud and debt?’
    • ‘She is seen as a tough questioner unlikely to be caught up in trivialities.’
    • ‘Taylor told the questioner that he supports reforms at the federal level to control the insurance industry.’
    • ‘I am delighted to assure the questioner that I would not support any regime that I regarded as punitive.’
    • ‘May I refer the questioner to a previous response?’
    • ‘She worked as both moderator and questioner during the two-hour debate with the seven candidates.’
    • ‘An earlier questioner had made the same point.’
    • ‘The congressional questioners seemed satisfied with his explanation.’
    1. 1.1 A person who feels or expresses doubt about something.
      ‘questioners of the decisions of the church’
      • ‘Augustine deplored the frivolity of the witty answer that before creation God was preparing hell for curious questioners.’
      • ‘We need more people who are both questioners of the status quo and visionaries.’
      • ‘Persistent questioners are much less prone to embarrassment than the rest of us.’
      • ‘He denounces climate change questioners and opines that the FOIA is a nuisance to climate change scientists.’
      • ‘The insistent questioners of mainstream practice will not go away and will not be silenced.’
      • ‘She is mistress of herself, and the questioners, beaten back time after time, turn away in disappointment.’
      • ‘The difficulties that the questioner uncovers in this way are internal to himself.’
      • ‘It is one of the things that bugs agnostics, or questioners.’
      • ‘I am a doubter, a questioner, a skeptic.’
      • ‘Christ was always directing the questioners inward, telling people to look into themselves for the answers.’