Definition of question of law in US English:

question of law


  • An issue to be decided by a judge.

    • ‘Of relevance in this motion is the extent to which a motions judge can determine a question of law.’
    • ‘The Magistrates posed the following question of law for the court.’
    • ‘It is a question of law for the judge whether a person is to be regarded as the company or simply its employee or agent.’
    • ‘However, it might be argued that this question of proportionality is decided as a question of law, just as under the ultra vires principle.’
    • ‘This matter has come to this Court on a preliminary question of law without any issue of purpose or any evidence or information as to the value of the estate.’
    • ‘Now what would you ask this Court to decide, as a question of law?’
    • ‘Determination of public figure status is a question of law, not fact.’
    • ‘It is a question of law whether the Defendant was retained and whether he was professionally negligent thereby causing damages to the Plaintiff.’
    • ‘It would be better, in a developing area of the law, to let the matter go to trial so that the question of law could be decided in the light of actual facts.’
    • ‘This is an appeal under the Arbitration Act solely on a question of law on a preliminary issue in an arbitration.’