Definition of question mark in US English:

question mark


  • 1A punctuation mark (?) indicating a question.

    • ‘Can I finish a sentence in this paragraph without using a question mark?’
    • ‘The question mark is more likely to be interpreted as indicating that the group suggested has no known name.’
    • ‘In both cases, the question mark comes after the marks that relate to the quoted names, and before the mark or marks that close the sentence of speech.’
    • ‘And make no mistake, that's an exclamation mark rather than a question mark at the end of the sentence.’
    • ‘The second sentence in that note had a question mark too.’
    • ‘Entries without the question mark have been verified by exhaustive search.’
    • ‘Sometimes a Web site adds variables or tracking information after a question mark or related symbol.’
    • ‘If I were a cartoon, I'd have a question mark over my head right now.’
    • ‘The interrobang combined the functions of a question mark and an exclamation point.’
    • ‘The lilt of her voice stuck a question mark on the end of every sentence she uttered.’
    • ‘These are a set of chance cards, one of which is drawn when either a Leader or a Secret Agent lands on a question mark.’
    • ‘I am having my normal discussion with myself about whether hypothetical questions actually need a question mark.’
    • ‘The difference between these two things is evident in the way that Mendeleyev's table leaves gaps, some with a question mark inserted.’
    • ‘Regions where no obvious candidate genes were found are indicated by a question mark.’
    • ‘In the desert, I always wrote down the words ‘new world order’ in my notebook followed by a question mark.’
    • ‘One of the first mistakes in transmission appears to have been the inclusion of a question mark at the end of the third line.’
    • ‘Who made the error in punctuation of putting a question mark after the sample questions, the SQA or the Scotsman?’
    • ‘Every sentence ended with a question mark, and was punctuated by a popping bubble or annoying giggle.’
    • ‘It also made me think whether there's a single other track I could think of with a comma and question mark in it.’
    symbol, sign, character
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    1. 1.1 Used to express doubt or uncertainty about something.
      ‘there's a question mark over his future’
      • ‘There is even a question mark over whether the ambulance trust has acted within its statutory function by providing the service.’
      • ‘There was a big question mark over the Selby factory's future.’
      • ‘He has gone from being a big question mark in 1999 to the team's most reliable offensive weapon.’
      • ‘They further magnify the question mark over the police version of events.’
      • ‘The sacking also puts a question mark over her future in Congleton where she has been MP for more than 20 years.’
      • ‘He said a strike could put a question mark over fare levels and peripheral services, and that the pension fund situation made matters worse.’
      • ‘Without their support there would be a major question mark over the effectiveness of unilateral action.’
      • ‘Some character issues make him more of a question mark than he probably should be.’
      • ‘Boston College didn't throw to him much, so Green's receiving skills are a question mark.’
      • ‘By how much, and exactly in which quarters, still has a little bit of a question mark over it, and we'll get back to that later.’
      • ‘But there are question marks over their sideline and that's a big question mark to have hanging over you.’
      • ‘All of this leaves a huge question mark over Montenegro's future.’
      • ‘There is a significant question mark over the level of pensions which members expect to receive and what they will actually get.’
      • ‘How he will react to the grind of a full NHL season, however, is a question mark.’
      • ‘But his mental toughness remains a question mark, which is a key to the consistency and determination required for Le Tour.’
      • ‘Even the president of the country now says there's a question mark over whether elections can be held at the end of this month.’
      • ‘Bury's uncertain future means there's a question mark over the club's youth and reserve teams next season.’
      • ‘However, there is a question mark over the legality of such a loan under EU rules.’
      • ‘Follow these steps to ensure that your children's future isn't a question mark.’
      • ‘Although a huge question mark hangs over the next-generation technology, there are many folk going out of their way to get it working.’
      uncertainty, lack of certainty, unsureness, indecision, hesitation, hesitancy, dubiousness, suspicion, confusion
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question mark

/ˈkwɛstʃən ˌmɑrk//ˈkwesCHən ˌmärk/