Definition of querulously in US English:



  • See querulous

    • ‘Feminists offer tepid support for the government's response to terrorism on an abstract level but querulously criticize the practice of the war.’
    • ‘Someone demanded querulously from the back, ‘But how do you know they're unwanted until you try?’’
    • ‘Yet those who have achieved far less have been honoured, so it's with some legitimacy that Stewart has been grumbling that he hasn't received so much as an OBE for his work, saying querulously: ‘I don't know why I haven't got any honour.’
    • ‘Ever since the 1950s film Quatermass, science fiction authors and directors have querulously pondered: what if we sent men into space - and they brought something back?’
    • ‘Vaudevillish, too, are the principals, Nat, an old Jew, and Midge, an aged black man, who keep meeting, garrulously and querulously (but symbiotically underneath), on a bench in Central Park.’