Definition of queen scallop in US English:

queen scallop


  • A small edible European scallop.

    Chlamys opercularis, family Pectinidae

    • ‘Whether you choose king scallops, with shells up to six inches in diameter, queen scallops, about half the size, or tiny princess scallops, it is essential not to cook them for too long, as the delicate flesh will toughen.’
    • ‘On this trip, several favourites - trout with toasted almonds and Fins' peerless queen scallops Proveneale - went by the board and the hot seafood platter and monkfish in a cream and brandy sauce were chosen.’
    • ‘A ban on fishing for queen scallops in waters around the North Isles was announced on Monday by the Food Standards Agency.’
    • ‘Nathan plundered the large specials board for his queen scallops St Jacques.’
    • ‘This was topped with smoked queen scallops which tasted vaguely of saffron, but not a lot else.’
    • ‘The Food Standards Agency have lifted the ban on queen scallop fishing in Scapa Flow.’
    • ‘The chippy's more unusual offerings - queen scallops, squid rings and prawns - are all caught by Scottish boats and the staples, such as haggis and black pudding, from nearby suppliers.’
    • ‘It would result in the largest managed area in the UK and control oysters, mussels, cockles, clams, lobsters, squat, lobsters, queen scallops, crabs, whelks, razor fish and crawfish.’
    • ‘High levels of PSP toxins have also been detected in queen scallops and mussels scattered up the west coast.’