Definition of quatercentenary in US English:



  • The four-hundredth anniversary of a significant event.

    ‘the quatercentenary of the college's foundation’
    • ‘The following year, on the quatercentenary of James's birth, a newspaper celebrated the event under the headline ‘The Poor Man's King’.’
    • ‘This year sees the most important exhibitions on Rubens since the commemoration in 1977 of the quatercentenary of his birth, at Antwerp, Genoa and Lille.’
    • ‘Coincidentally, the close of this jubilee year will usher in another anniversary of great significance to Scotland: the quatercentenary of the Union of the Crowns in 1603, the event that gave birth to the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘Four of them were presented at an ecumenical symposium sponsored by St. John's College, Winnipeg, Manitoba, in November 2000, the quatercentenary of Hooker's death.’
    • ‘A special landmark was the celebrations marking the quatercentenary of Shakespeare's birth, in 1964.’


  • Relating to a four-hundredth anniversary.

    • ‘At the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Watson was president in 1878 and again in 1905, at the quatercentenary festival.’
    • ‘It was, however, during the quatercentenary celebrations of the Roanoke Voyages in the 1980s that she became closely involved in the colony as well as its maps.’
    • ‘A part of the quatercentenary celebration of Shakespeare's birth, this RSC production was adapted for television as a New Year's day treat for British audiences during an engagement at the Aldwych Theatre in London.’


Late 19th century: from Latin quater ‘four times’ + centenary.