Definition of quartzite in US English:



  • An extremely compact, hard, granular rock consisting essentially of quartz. It often occurs as silicified sandstone, as in sarsen stones.

    • ‘The envelope consists of garnet gneiss, migmatite, sillimanite gneiss, fibrolite schist, andalusite schist and quartzite, phyllite and unmetamorphosed Palaeozoic to Cretaceous sedimentary rocks.’
    • ‘The cobbles are dominated by pink quartzite, red sandstone and vein quartz, with minor granite clasts near the contact and rare green clasts.’
    • ‘In addition to the volcanogenic sedimentary rocks, there are lenses of limestone, quartzite, shale and sandstone.’
    • ‘Based on field observations, a generalized sequence of events and mineralization at the Melco deposit began with structural deformation along a contact of sandstone and quartzite during the Mesozoic Period.’
    • ‘The most resistant rocks are quartzite and quartz-rich sandstones, and tough fine-grained rocks such as slate.’