Definition of quartz-halogen in US English:



  • (of a high-intensity electric lamp) using a quartz bulb containing the vapor of a halogen, usually iodine.

    ‘a quartz-halogen projection lamp’
    • ‘In the phototoxicity experiments, cells were then exposed to 10 mW cm - 2 white light generated by a 500 W quartz-halogen bulb, which was IR filtered by a 250 turn path length water tank maintained at 37C.’
    • ‘Cells were incubated with 150 M NPe6 for 30 min at 37 deg C, washed and suspended in fresh medium, then irradiated at 10 deg C with a 600 W quartz-halogen lamp with IR radiation attenuated by a 10 cm layer of water and an 850 nm cutoff filter.’
    • ‘The most common lighting types are high-frequency fluorescent, LED, incandescent, and quartz-halogen fiber-optic.’
    • ‘Because of their small size and intense light, quartz-halogen lamps have been used by lamp designers in many industrial uses, such as for headlights of automobiles and in scientific research.’
    • ‘Bear in mind as well the differences among types of bulbs: incandescent, fluorescent, and quartz-halogen.’