Definition of quarter-saw in US English:



[with object]usually as adjective quarter-sawn
  • 1Saw (a log) radially into quarters and then into boards.

    ‘we quarter-saw the logs at our own mill’
    as adjective ‘quarter-sawn timber from the stand of white ash’
    • ‘Boards are made from quarter-sawn beech with simple clasps at the foredge.’
    • ‘The way the cells are aligned will cause the quarter-sawn board to shrink a little bit in width and very little in thickness.’
    • ‘Solid quarter-sawn ash was used to build the fixed-window units and the decorative trim, while all office doors in the facility also are made of solid ash.’
    • ‘This method of sawing accentuates the vertical grain and minimizes the flake, common in quarter-sawn oak.’
    • ‘Because the growth rings in quarter-sawn wood run uniformly parallel along the entire board the wood does not shrink and expand with seasonal variation in moisture as much as flat sawn wood.’
    1. 1.1 Produce (a board or a piece of furniture) by quarter-sawing.
      • ‘The cabinet is made out of rift-sawn red oak with quarter-sawn drawer fronts and door panels.’
      • ‘Decking should always be quarter sawed and laid with the edge grain up.’
      • ‘For sale: A quarter sawn dresser with a fancy cut beveled mirror.’